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Acing the Interview

Interview checklist- What to bring

Tips for the interview day

Body Language
Body Language is of critical importance. Positive, upright and open body language shows self-confidence and interest. Most of the time we are unaware of our gestures and body movements, but these unconscious forms of expression have a language all their own. Nonverbal communication sets the stage for the interview- from the time you are introduced to the final handshake.

How to present yourself

Read the interviewer
By paying close attention to nonverbal communication signs, we can help change the direction of the conversation and leave a lasting positive first impression. The body language applies to the interviewer as well as the interviewee. By recognizing any of the negative gestures, one can then switch gears by asking a question or bringing up a new subject. During an interview decode the following gestures:

Taking cues from the interviewer

Calming your nerves
Having some butterflies is normal and will energize you to perform at your best. But too much anxiety can keep you from your “A” game. To calm your nerves while waiting to be interviewed, put away your resume. Reviewing it last minute will only enhance anxiety.

Connecting with different types of interviewers
Tactics to effectively communicate with different types of interviewers

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