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Giving Notice

Giving notice and making a good lasting impression at your current employer is as important as starting off successfully at your new employer. Inform your supervisor that you plan to leave the company with a letter that indicates why you are leaving and shows appreciation for the good experiences you’ve had. Also include the length of notice you are giving. Depending on the position, a period of two to four weeks is appropriate, but they may need you to stay longer. Be honest in giving reasons why you are leaving.

Take it upon yourself to finish what you started in terms of projects and, if applicable, prepare a guide for the new-hire that will take your place. You may be asked to help train a new or interim person and you should be willing to do whatever you need to do to leave the current employer in the best way possible.

Don’t let emotions get in the way with your manager. If you need to offer constructive criticism, do it in an exit interview with a HR representative. You never want to diminish your chances of getting a good reference at your current employer, which could affect you down the road. Always be positive with your co-workers, and be sensitive to your manager if he wants to tell the other people in the company of your departure. You never know whom you will end up working with in the future, so act professionally.

Tips for giving notice

Your Manager’s Mindset

Some things that may go on in the mind of your manager after you give notice

Counter Offer

Some things to consider

Managers who make counter-offers say things like

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