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Working with Recruiters

An Executive Recruiter partners with employers to find the best available talent for specific positions or openings.   Cultivating a relationship with a recruiter in your niche before you need one can be advantageous to your long-term career advancement. Whether or not you are actively seeking a new job this may be a good time to become a helpful member of a recruiter’s professional network and for a recruiter to learn more about your strengths and interests.  By cultivating a relationship with key recruiters now there is a stronger likelihood that you will be remembered when those “plum” assignments hit the recruiter’s radar.  Also, recruiters often decide whether your resume is going to be directed to the hiring manager’s desk or to their office files. See our sample letter to a recruiter.

Organizations will engage a recruiter for many different reasons. The three most common are:
1. A sense of urgency in filling a position
2. The organization has not been successful generating qualified candidates on their own using traditional methods
3. The position calls for a specific skill set and there exists a limited pool of qualified candidates.

Types of recruiters

Working with recruiters

Questions to ask
Initial questions to ask a recruiter before submitting your resume:

Additional questions you may ask if you are not comfortable

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