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Matthews & Stephens Associates is the right search firm for clients who . . .

Place a high value on quality and build their organizations with the best available talent. Engaging our services can give you the broadest range of recruiting exposure to the talent pool, especially to those star candidates who are not posting their resume and checking job boards.

Place a high value on their time. We can present fully qualified “finalists” to you without you having to waste time reading resumes or interviewing candidates that are not on the mark as qualified, interested and talented. We can also adjust the campaign strategies and process to align with your target start dates. We save you and your people time and we can get it done faster!

Place a high value on an effective hiring process, which is actually a company’s “showcase of the opportunity” to candidates. We consult with our clients offering adjustments in the hiring process that strengthen it.

Place a high value on achieving results. Our 30-step process produces results. We manage the entire search process for you; producing a pool of 3-4 finalists, support throughout the entire hiring decision process, negotiate candidate offers, establish start dates and assist the candidate with the resignation process. We’ve been producing reliable, predictable results since 1992.

Employer Resource Guide

In a competitive market, you have to make the most of every recruiting opportunity and hiring the right talent is critical. We have developed the Employer Resource Guide to assist you in strengthening the components of your hiring process.

  • Our Employer Resource Guide is designed to help you:
  • Interview candidates effectively
  • Question them skillfully and legally
  • Check their references with a specific track to follow
  • Write effective and compelling offers

The Employer Resource Guide provides an easy-to-use format. We break down each component to help you be more effective in your hiring process.

Client testimonials . . .

“…Extremely well served by Matthews & Stephens Associates over the years in searches for both executive and mid-level management positions. A number of these initiatives have involved nationwide searching and in all cases have provided us with a wide variety of candidates for selection and a professional process to follow.” – Martin, President & CEO-Interim

“You found a number of excellent candidates. Your network of contacts is a big asset.” – Timothy, Senior Vice President, Marketing Services

“Not only did you find us a great employee, but you did so on a tight schedule without compromising the quality of the search.” – Steven, President

“The screening of candidates that you provide ensures that I’m not wasting my time, interviewing candidates who are not qualified. Your network of contacts and other search techniques means that we’re getting exposure to candidates we wouldn’t be reaching on our own.” – Tim, Senior Vice President

“I would recommend Matthews & Stephens Associates as a business partner for your recruiting needs. Their commitment to finding qualified candidates & ability to present more than one applicant with those qualifications is impressive.” – Cynthia, Director of Human Resources

“Your people responded not only with quality prospective candidates, but also a sense of urgency…I would be pleased to recommend the services of Matthews & Stephens Associates to other hiring managers.” – Philip, Director of DI Sales Support

“I have to add that I am very impressed by your knowledge of the talent in this market and your ability to find individuals that really fit into our organization and meet our needs.” – David, Chief Financial Officer

“This was a very positive experience and I felt as though I was your only client. The attention to detail, communication and overviews on each candidate were excellent.” – Paul, Director of Patient Financial Services

“You were a pleasure to work with. You are responsive and very professional both in your work process and the candidates you bring to the table." – Sherri, Director of Sales and Marketing

“The intensity and dedication of your recruiting process found the right candidates for our search.” – Ronald, Hospital Medical Director


Matthews & Stephens Associates is the right search firm for candidates who . . .

Are serious about their careers and their career advancement. Even when you are not anxious to find a new job it can be an effective career advancement tactic to cultivate a professional relationship with an executive search consultant who is focused in your world and respects the need to treat your information confidentially..

May benefit from access to unpublished openings including the “hidden job market”.

Appreciate free on-line access to our Career Resource Center which provides instruction and tools to use throughout a job search including pre-search preparation, resumes, letters, interview preparation, typical interview questions, negotiating offers and advice regarding future career advancement.

Appreciate return phone calls and timely constructive feedback on your search efforts.

Candidate testimonials . . .

“Throughout my job search, you provided excellent advice, guidance, and coaching to assist me in the job search process. Your follow-through, attention to detail, and empathy helped make the process just about hassle free.” – Clarence,Research Analyst/AVP

“It has been a pleasure working with an organization that values high moral & ethical standards. It is clear why your way of doing business has earned your company a reputation for professionalism.” – Jeanne, Director of Marketing

“You helped to keep me focused, confident, and you called immediately after each interview with follow up information.” – Cynthia, Patient Access Manager

“You go above and beyond the necessary level of input, and have genuine personal concern for your clients. You did not lead me to any false hopes or expectations, and yet, I always felt like your number one candidate.” – James, Director of Marketing

“Even though you represented the employer, I felt you were my advocate in negotiating a workable contract. You listened to me throughout the process and always responded to my questions with care and understanding.” – Larry, Regional Director of Sales

“The professionalism and guidance you exhibited throughout the process assisted in making my transition a smooth and productive one.” – Michael, Senior Commercial Lines Producer

“I have worked with recruiters in the past, and I can honestly say that none of them measured up to you. You were very responsive and informative during our conversations and always went the extra mile to give me insight into the opportunity and provide timely feedback and responses.” – Matt, Account Manager

“He was very professional and timely in all of his communications. From beginning to end, he was a pleasure to work with and I feel did me a great service.” – Randal, Field Marketing Specialist

“I was very comfortable with the coaching that you gave me. Your ideas and preparation for the interviews were very helpful.” – Ed, Field Sales Training Manager

“I consider myself to be fortunate enough to have had this experience and wish the same for anyone else that follows.” - Jim, Hospital Controller

“I will recommend you to all of my friends and colleagues, as I have had a remarkably positive experience working with you. I will never again embark on a job search without your expertise and experience guiding me along the way.” - Joy, RN - Nursing Education Department