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Offer Letter: Manager

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Mary A. Jones
123 Main Street
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Dear Ms. Jones,

I am very pleased to confirm this offer of employment to you for the position of Director in the Corporate Services Department within ABC Organization.

The terms of your employment:

This offer of employment is contingent upon the successful results of a background investigation. As a condition of employment, you will be required to present documents to verify your employment eligibility. You will also need to present prior to your start date a paycheck stub from your prior employer to verify prior salary.

This offer letter is not a guarantee of employment for a fixed term. You will be employed at will with the privilege of terminating your employment at any time and for any reason; ABC Organization will have the same privilege. Together with the employment application this offer letter constitutes the only commitment relating to the offer of employment and supersedes any previous communications, oral or written, from or behalf of ABC organization or any of its affiliates.

Please acknowledge your acceptance of this offer by signing below and returning this letter as soon as possible to ABC Organization, Human Resource Department.

On behalf of the Leadership Team, we were very impressed with your experience, knowledge and professionalism and sincerely hope that you will accept our offer of employment. If you have any questions, and would like to discuss these terms, please call me at 555-555-5555. I look forward to seeing you on the 12th to welcome you in person.


John B. Smith
Executive Vice President


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