Breathe, You’ve Arrived

9 June 2017
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Wherever you were going, you’ve arrived here; so take a moment to stop, and breathe. Stopping and focusing on your breath can bring an immediate sense of serenity to your body, mind and spirit, quite possibly changing the course of your day for the better!

Chances are that not everything that’s happened today, leading up to where you are right now, has gone as planned. There may have been some unforeseen events that may have caused some stress. Not everything in life goes off without a hitch! If that’s the kind of day you’ve had so far, you may be clenching your jaw, you may be tensing the muscles in your neck, jaw, stomach, and shoulders; and your breathing may be shallow.

You have the power to turn it around and bring calmness into your body!

Take a moment, close your eyes and take a few luscious, full belly breaths. It may have been such a long time since you’ve really enjoyed taking a breather, you may not even remember how to do it!

If you watch a newborn baby, they have their breathing down perfectly, their belly rises and falls, fully filling with nourishing air, taking what it needs before slowly exhaling, not even thinking about it! Somewhere along the way, we may have “unlearned” this simple act.

If you fall into this group, here’s how to take a delicious cleansing breath:  first, fill your belly slowly with air, let it then fill your ribs, then your chest. Slowly exhale in reverse, from chest to ribs to belly.  It may be helpful to repeat the order in your head, as you inhale, “belly, ribs, chest “; as you exhale, “chest, ribs, belly”. Picture slowly filling a balloon with air, then slowly deflating it. It only takes a few cleansing breaths to have immediate calming effects!

By shifting your energy in this way, your calmness will have a domino effect on those around you, bringing calmness to them as well. You may still have some unplanned things happen, but you’ll have given yourself the tools to handle obstacles without them causing you physical, mental or emotional stress. When you and those around you are feeling serene and relaxed, the whole office will be a more pleasant place to be, ultimately resulting in a healthier and more productive environment for all!

*Photo was taken on the grounds of Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Stockbridge, MA, one of my favorite places on earth!

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