About Us

Matthews & Stephens Associates, Inc. is a national search firm primarily serving the healthcare marketplace.

With over 25 years of executive search experience, Matthews & Stephens has a proven record of performance, placing at the Manager, Director, VP and President level.

Our search practice is concentrated in healthcare; we complete searches in Compliance and Privacy (Audit, Risk and Security) nationally. Based in Connecticut, we have also established a strong presence locally and in the Northeast. Healthcare organizations of all sizes and specialties have turned to Matthews & Stephens for assistance with their search needs.

“I have to commend you on your recruiting expertise and judgment throughout the process. I never felt that you were the exclusive recruiter for (health system). Throughout the process, I felt that my goals and objectives were just as important as (health system).”

Terrie, Director, Corporate Compliance and Internal Audit

“Because of your straightforward and kind approach, this process was a very surprisingly pleasant experience.  I actually looked forward to every communication with you- whether it be the weekly phone call or email.”

Debbie, Compliance Officer  

“I found your expertise particularly helpful! Your integrity, professionalism and attention to detail was evident as you guided me through the process. I appreciated your availability to answer my questions and your frequent communication at each point along the way.”

John, President, Behavioral Health

“Thank you. You have been an absolute delight to work with during this process keeping me posted every step of the way and acting as a trusted adviser and coach.”

Stuart, Chief Compliance Officer

“I will recommend you to all of my friends and colleagues, as I have had a remarkably positive experience working with you. I will never again embark on a job search without your expertise and experience guiding me along the way.”

Joy, RN - Nursing Education Department

“I consider myself to be fortunate enough to have had this experience and wish the same for anyone else that follows.”

Jim, Hospital Controller

“You helped to keep me focused, confident, and you called immediately after each interview with follow up information.”

Cynthia, Patient Access Manager

“Throughout my job search, you provided excellent advice, guidance, and coaching to assist me in the job search process. Your follow-through, attention to detail, and empathy helped make the process just about hassle free.”

Clarence, Research Analyst/AVP

“I am very pleased with the results of the search. In the end we had some highly qualified candidates from which to choose. Thank you for your perseverance during the search.”

Heather, CEO

“You were prompt, responsive and thorough. As stated many a time, you provided a great slate of candidates for our consideration. I look forward to future work with you.”

V.C., Corporate Vice President of Compliance.

“You have done a tremendous job in targeting the right people for the openings which we contracted you for and were instrumental and very successful in understanding the hiring objectives of our organization and identifying suitable candidates that possess the skills and capabilities that the hiring managers you worked with were seeking.”

Amy, National Recruiter

“I would recommend Matthews & Stephens Associates as a business partner for your recruiting needs. Their commitment to finding qualified candidates & ability to present more than one applicant with those qualifications is impressive.”

Cynthia, Director of Human Resources

“The screening of candidates that you provide ensures that I’m not wasting my time, interviewing candidates who are not qualified. Your network of contacts and other search techniques means that we’re getting exposure to candidates we wouldn’t be reaching on our own.”

Tim, Senior Vice President

“This was a very positive experience and I felt as though I was your only client. The attention to detail, communication and overviews on each candidate were excellent.”

Paul, Director of Patient Financial Services

“The intensity and dedication of your recruiting process found the right candidates for our search.”

Ronald, Hospital Medical Director

“Matthews-Stephens was referred to me by our Chief Compliance Officer when she announced her retirement. I scheduled a call with Carrie Lombardi and Steve Baskowski, and they were quite positive that they could assist (organization). Overall, the experience was very professional and exceeded expectations. “

Jay, Chief Human Resources Officer

“No stone was left unturned in your search for candidates.”

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your recruitment services to any organization looking for a solid partnership with a passionate recruiter every step along the way.”

“I am very pleased with the results of the search.  In the end we had some highly qualified candidates from which to choose.”

“Overall, the experience was very professional and exceeded expectations.”

“As stated many a time, you provided a great slate of candidates for our consideration.  I look forward to future work with you.  Thank you!”

“If a future compliance or privacy position should open up that I need to fill, Matthews & Stephens Associates would be the first and only firm that I would look to for support and recommend.”