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Candidate Profile #15 - Chief Compliance Officer

This candidate is engaging and likable with the skills needed to develop productive key relationships and to quickly improve a culture of Compliance and Ethics. This candidate is currently serving as the Chief Compliance Officer of a health system. In addition to an acute care hospital, this candidate is also responsible for the hospital’s ancillary facilities, skilled nursing facilities, numerous physician practices, Audit, and Enterprise Risk. This individual thoroughly enjoys Health Care Compliance, Ethics, Audit, and Risk Management and would like the opportunity to have increased responsibilities at a larger hospital or system.

This candidate has successfully led efforts to repair the hospital’s culture which was generally fearful and intimidated of reporting Compliance and Ethics matters. That culture existed prior to this candidate’s arrival. When this candidate began the role, the candidate worked with management to implement a Culture of Compliance assessment and strategy. The assessment showed that a sizable number of employees at the organization were fearful of reporting and had faced actual intimidation by supervisors and managers. Over one third of this candidate’s organization did not know how to effectively report a Compliance issue. Within one year, most employees know this candidate by first name, management has become more trusting of Compliance, Compliance reports come in frequently, and the most recent survey showed that the fear of reporting was cut by nearly 50% and the lack of knowledge of reporting cut by over 75%.

This candidate has also reformed a weak Risk Assessment process. This candidate worked with a team to reform the process, roll out an Enterprise Risk System, and identify over 1300 risks in their first assessment. Over 100 high-risk items were identified to fix within 120 days and successfully mitigated. This challenge brought over 30 service lines together to solve problems that could impact the entire system. The candidate’s risk strategy consists of objective, subjective, and ad-hoc identification measures.

This candidate has also been able to successfully digitalize processes in a cost effective manner; obtain the buy-in of leadership in the digitalization of numerous screening processes; and engage in successful operational compliance, ethics, and risk management during times of crisis and significant organizational exposure. These efforts have increased the efficiency of the program, the ability to pull data with a click of a mouse, and has made this candidate a key player in numerous operational areas. This individual continues to work with their team to finds ways to eliminate paper, go digital, and streamline processes while providing value to the organization.

This candidate has a J.D., an MHA, a Bachelor of Arts, is Certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC), and trained in Lean Six Sigma.

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